Betimes I must be careful…

--Albert Camus

–Albert Camus

“What I am stating is not valid and true even for me.” — U.G.Krishnamurti


Good Bob

Very nice tribute. Below the vid are a couple of pieces I did using Bob’s methods, back in the late 90s.


Stompin’ Grounds(Little Woods), 18″x24″ oil on canvas



Bob Ross on Mars, 20″x16″ oil on canvas


A day’s work

Business Cards are FREE

Business Cards Are FREE

“The more horrible this world (as today, for instance), the more abstract our art, whereas a happy world brings forth an art of the here and now.” — Paul Klee

near Paragould, 1986


Ballpoint in 8.5×11″ sketchbook, from a photo

One old, one new; I’m fine, how ‘r’ you?

I thought since I started out with the oldest painting on record, I’d follow it with the newest. Not fresh off the block, but my latest, ’bout three weeks ago. Some may have already seen it on the old blog or FB, but I deleted those so, starting over…
This one is my first foray into the territory of “whiskey painting.” Yes, that is a ‘thing.’ There’s an association, the Whiskey Painters of America, based in Ohio, I believe, with their own charter and rules and 150 members, and you only get in by being sponsored by a current member. Which I’m not, as yet (I think I got on the waiting list though), but it was such a wild idea I thought I’d give it a go anyway.
The rules are like this: Max. size is 4×5″, must be watercolor but with whiskey, or whatever spirit you prefer, instead of water. So since I’m not a member, it ain’t bonafide, but it’s still a whiskey painting.
Following is documentation of my adventure and the results.

My beautiful picture

The painter takes up his brush

Close-up of the work station

Close-up of the work station

Genuine simulated field conditions

Genuine simulated field conditions


Little House or Tree Trinket, whiskey/watercolor on 4x5" 140# Canson

Little House or Tree Trinket, whiskey/watercolor on 4×5″ 140# Canson

Toodles, me hearties.

First post, just to see…

Oil on canvas, 20x24"

Oil on canvas, 20×24″

This is a photo of the oldest oil painting done by me that I have record of. I gave it to a childhood friend as a wedding present, soon after its completion in 1974. I’m guess/remembering the dimensions, as I haven’t seen the actual painting since I gave it to them; just this photo from his FB page.

More to come; I just wanted to get something up here, as the title says, just to see…