First post, just to see…

Oil on canvas, 20x24"

Oil on canvas, 20×24″

This is a photo of the oldest oil painting done by me that I have record of. I gave it to a childhood friend as a wedding present, soon after its completion in 1974. I’m guess/remembering the dimensions, as I haven’t seen the actual painting since I gave it to them; just this photo from his FB page.

More to come; I just wanted to get something up here, as the title says, just to see…


4 thoughts on “First post, just to see…

    • JB, thanks. Glad you found me. Ha, ha! Feels like I’m ‘out here’ in new territory. Really, just exploring it myself. All I did was go to, scroll through their “Themes” until I decided on one, then you just click “Start Your Blog” and follow directions. I haven’t come up on anything too complicated yet, but I’m going slow, carefully; otherwise I’ll be tripping over my own feet.
      I have a Facebook friend who says he can help if I run into trouble, so I’ll pass anything along that I learn anywhere. Give it a shot. We’ll figure it out together. 😉


    • Elisa, hey. Yeah, sorry ’bout that, just bugging out. The Googlites were surrounding me. like the Borg on Star Trek, “Resistance is futile!” And I said, “I will not comply!” I’ve looked at WordPress a time or two in the past anyway, so here I am. Welcome. Glad you found me.


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