Underhedge, various pens over pencil, mostly Pigma Micron, 5.5×8.5″ sketchbook

One I did a while back –two Halloweens ago, I think — from photos taken in the back yard.


Behind the Pig

First redo, 2007

Latest “finish,” 2018


Riley’s Pig, a local bar, now defunct; this was a field out back of there where I used to hang out, commune with nature and occasionally do some painting or drawing.

Back in the early 80s I started this sketch, brought it to the stage shown left in ’07, and played around some more with it just the other day. Kind of overworked, but I was just mostly exploring a new ballpoint, the BIC Atlantis Exact, as close as I can find to the fine point Cristal it was started with.

Also I’m considering sort of abandoning my blog on Google Blogger as posts over here seem to get more attention, just by being here…

New Blog

Update 2/08/2018: I’m “un-sticking” this post. There seems to be much more action on WordPress than Blogger, so I’ll give it another shot here…                                                                                                         ———————–


March 2015: I’ve gone back to Blogger. It’s just easier and you have more options without going “Premium.”

I’ll be sort of picking up there where I leave off here, but also may do some different posting between the two.

The new one at Blogger is RESONANT ENIGMA TOO.




Therapy…? Bridge…?


Therapy Bridge, Pigma Micron in 5×3.5″  sketchbook   

I noticed after my post here the other day I started picking up a few followers, and I appreciate that. It’s why I’m here again today.

I do however, wish you would follow me over here, at my Blogspot Resonant Enigma Too. I post a lot more over there because, if you noticed the sticky post, it’s so much easier to get out of that one what I really want.

For example: limited options on image size; I don’t want the drawing posted here to be that size ’cause it’s too small; the next size I know how to make it is too large. I don’t want to change dimensions because then the viewer can’t enlarge it. Or can they? I don’t know. I edited and re-edited the last one so much that at one point it would no longer enlarge at all, and I had to start over. Blogger has more options for post image size that do not affect enlargement.

Can y’all help? Or come see me over there… where you can read a little more about the sketch pictured here, and why it’s called that…

how y’all doin’?

“…departed.” Pigma Micron in 3.5×5″ sketchbook. I do like the look of this blog so, even though this drawing was already posted on my Blogger site, I wanted to see it over here, and cast the net of exposure a little further.

I wonder how many others have blogs elsewhere as well. Probably everybody…

Anyway, this is a recent sketch of what’s left of a nearby mall that was torn down; the building sketched is all that’s left, and it too is now abandoned. “Departed” rolled through mind while I worked on it, so I called it that.


a concept does not lead to reality
blindly, believingly
i felt one
where there were many, or none

i drag a buck knife across my heart
and yell a holler to the midnight sky, but
there is no one to hear my cry
the universe is empty
and cold